“For organisations who are about to move to Safety II, who need total sureness that the transition will be successful, Small Giants Advisory has the expertise to deliver the most effective, practical and fun Safety II kick off in the world”.

If you are frustrated with your current safety outcomes you are not alone.  The safety plateau is a near universal across the industry. If you add to this the pressure to remain compliant and ensuring “no one goes to jail”, for many of our client’s Safety has stopped being a fulfilling career some time ago.  That is until they found a way to do safety differently.

Safety-II, Safety Differently, the New View.  Call it what you will, Safety-II is the most effective, most exciting and most necessary evolution of industrial safety ever. In Traditional Safety (known as Safety-I or S1) work systems are basically safe because all components, and their effects, can be described, offering a predictive effect. A belief is created that all procedures are correct, complete and applicable to all contexts. System developers are capable of anticipating and designing for all contingencies.

Now, for things to go right all we need is for people to people to follow the specified rules and procedures. However, this is not the human condition.  Humans are variable by nature. This makes people a liability, a problem to control, or even a threat to safety. To avoid negative events, humans thus have to be controlled.

Safety-II challenges the prevailing attitude towards people and systems. Systems are no longer seen as inherently safe but thwarted by the despicable unreliable workers. Instead, humans are seen as a valuable and necessary resource for the flexibility and resilience of an organisation to succeed. Workers are a source of the ever-necessary solutions required to manage the increasingly complex nature of work.  Only the people know how to deal with time pressure, inadequate tools, incomplete system design, and trade-offs, such as being thorough and efficient at the same time. Rules and procedures are no longer regarded as entirely complete and applicable to any work situation.

For work to succeed, people have to constantly adapt and adjust their performance to the local circumstances.


  • Safety-II is consultative and participatory by nature – aligning it with significant elements of the WHS Legislative requirements
  • Its processes lead to a rebuilding of trust between the frontline and management
  • Aligns safety process with the research on human performance instead of directly opposing them.

Safety II through Human Centred Design.
We Ensure You Get it Right the First Time.

Small Giants Advisory is not taking new safety clients until the completion of our current safety engagements.

The current estimated wait time is 4-6 months.