We have a big problem.             

Your reality is that thinking dictates every aspect of your life. But we have a big problem regarding thinking.  

Despite it’s central and essential nature in our lives, no one teaches us how to think.  An interesting by-product of this is that we assume thinking is a Universal – that is, everybody does it about the same. But this logic does not stand up to scrutiny.

Speaking is also considered a Universal, but clearly some people are more skilful at speaking. Consider JFK, Martin Luther King, Churchill and Hitler.

Everyone can run but consider Usain Bolt’s 9.58 second 100 meter. Everyone can throw a ball but consider Aroldis Chapman’s 169 km/hr baseball pitch.

Finally, consider breathing.  While everyone alive can breathe, Free Divers and Snipers both learn skills that give them a mastery over their breathing most would consider impossible.  

Because most people believe thinking is a Universal, most people are very average thinkers and because you will never outperform your thinking, most people are condemned to very average performance and very average lives.

But there is some good news.

In Thinkology we draw on a wide body of psychological research, that says thinking, like running, throwing and breathing, is a set of skills that can be learned, practiced and mastered and I would suggest to you that if you were to master thinking, the quality of your life would improve dramatically.  

If you are a better thinker, then you’re going to be a better leader. If you’re a better thinker, then you’re a better innovator. Better thinker – Project Manager.

Better thinker – better parent. Better thinker – better partner. Better thinker – better person. There is no field of human endeavour that is not enhanced by skilful thinking.

This is the premise of Human Foundations:  Better Thinking – Better Life!

Human Foundations pulls back the curtain on human thinking.  It breaks thinking down into the three main cognitive functions.  Each of these functions has a skill attached. These skills can be taught, practiced and mastered. 

Thinking is a foundational skill.  It underpins every aspect of your life.  If you master thinking you can improve any aspect of your life at work or at home.  

The icing on the cake is that we round out the day with the psychology of habits.  You will create an individual Habit Formation Plan to put your knowledge into practice immediately and effectively in your life.

Thinking is a set of skills that can be learned, practiced and mastered

Whose Done It?                             

Human Foundations is presented in a one-day stand alone format.  It has also been presented as a part of Development Programs in Industrial Safety, Wellbeing, High Performance Teaming, Rapid Teaming, Leadership Development, Innovation, Change Management, Business Ethics, Diversity and for the aviation industry in Crew Resource Management.

Client companies include Boeing, Boeing Aerospace, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, ANZ Private Bank, Downer Major Projects and 34 other companies in 57 countries to frontline staff and leaders, middle management, senior leadership teams, C-Suites, Boards of Directors, Industry Bodies, Unions, Project Teams and the list goes on. 

Human Foundation shows you how thinking works and how you can do it better.


Human Foundations is a development program that builds human capacity.  It is enheartening, encouraging and empowering. Reported benefits include:

  • Business-wide uplift in skills
  • A common language for problem solving and innovation
  • A more effective and socially mature work culture
  • A weakening of silos
  • Enhanced mental agility and memory
  • Increased sense of control in life
  • Greater emotional control
  • Enhanced team communication and collaboration
  • Easy skills transfer across tasks
  • Increase in resilience and psychological well-being