We are heading into very strange times.
Given the rate and extent of social change and uncertainty we all face, it is very easy to get anxious about an illness such as coronavirus as it gains pandemic status.
At the start we don’t know how widespread or deadly the illness is.
Misinformation abounds, the media pumps out the fear constantly.
The early stages can be especially anxiety-provoking as we are hard-wired to be afraid of the unknown.
This is a survival adaption that has served us well for millennia.

What most people don’t realise is that we are dealing with two viruses.
One is COVID-19
The other is Viral Fear.
Viral Fear is another survival adaption. It is common to all social animals. One antelope spots a lion and runs.
The rest of the herd sees one antelope run, fight and flight means they all run,
despite the fact they did not actually see the lion.
The fear that drives people to fight over non-essential supplies like toilet paper, as it is constantly streamed into our homes, is highly contagious and possibly more dangerous and detrimental to society than the actual virus.
We have all seen the stories of people being crushed to death as a panicked crowd runs for the exits.
We are heading into very strange times, but we don’t have to act strange.
Corona Virus may be a reality but that doesn’t mean it has to rule our lives.
Skilful thinking and careful action can help keep both your mind and body resilient – which is your best defence.
The reality is this:
Everything in life falls into two categories things we can’t control
Things we can control – things we can actually do something about.


Knowledge is power and, in this case, knowledge is self-empowerment.
If you understand what is happening in your mind and body, you can employ skilful thinking tools to keep yourself and your loved ones in a good position to respond to these times effectively.

Small Giants Advisory is running a series of Webinars being resilient in Corona Time.
You will learn the mechanics of stress, fear and panic so you can combat them skilfully.
• You will learn the psychology of isolation and staying connected.
• How to adapt to the massive social changes, especially working from home
• You will learn how to be a source of sureness and calm for those you love
• Most importantly – You will learn how thinking actually works and how you can do it more skilfully.
While these skills are very important now, you will be able to apply them to every area of your life forever.
Thinking is a set of skills, skills that can be learned, practiced and mastered. Better thinking – better life.


The details for this webinar series are available in the link below.
Once registered you can access the scheduled live webinar or on demand video anytime that suits you.


I am Jonathan Lincolne and I’ll be working with you in this webinar series.
I am a nationally registered psychologist with over 20 years experience.
I have taught advanced thinking skills in 57 countries
to companies such as Boeing Aerospace, Rio Tinto and ANZ Private Bank.
I have taught theses skills to underground miners, Bankers, Engineers, company Boards and families.
I am average at a lot of things but one thing I am really good at is taking complex topics and sharing them in a very practical way that anyone can understand and apply.

These are strange times, but you do not have to be a victim
Empower yourself and be a part of the solution instead of a part of the problem.