Our series of learning lunches has been designed to provide a snapshot of our work in three areas.  Safety II, Human Centred Design and Tribes (teaming).  Below we have provided a brief introduction to those sessions where we provide an introduction to the topic, share case studies and engage in a lively discussion.

Introduction to Safety: 45 - 60 mins
As a workshop participant, this introductory workshop to Safety II will demonstrate how Small Giants Advisory is leading the field in delivering a program that assists a range of high risk industries such as mining/construction/transport/manufacturing/utilities to evolve their safety process so they are more aligned with legislative requirements.

We will discuss  how, over the last 12 months, Small Giants Advisory has guided three very successful Safety II implementations, applying a robust process to help their safety evolution. Our process enables business improvement by empowering staff at all levels that can then result in higher productivity, profitability and ultimately a safe workforce.

Introduction to HCD: 45 - 60 mins 
In this workshop we introduce you to Human Centred Design… a design and management framework that develops solutions to problems by involving the end-user in all steps of the problem-solving process.  In the workshop we will discuss the importance of observing the problem within context, brainstorming, conceptualizing, developing.  The main pillars of the process are consistent and include deep empathy, listening and connecting to the user, experimenting through rapid prototyping, and constant iteration. We will share some case studies on how our clients were able to gain the skills necessary to build trusting and committed colleague relationships. 

Introduction to Tribes: 45 - 60 mins 
One of our most sought after workshops is the one that focuses on Tribes and how we create high performing teams. The world of work is rapidly changing and we know that when we form tribes of people - unencumbered by formality, process and bureaucracy – who are connected, and focused on work that delivers real value to the business.  In this session we will discuss our proven process and demonstrate how teams can gain the skills necessary to build trusting and committed collegial relationships.  This is supported by the effective measurement of those skills and behaviours, and thus a truly flexible, robust and effective tribe or team can form.