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Have you ever wondered why we are at the top of the food chain.  Most people would say it’s because of the human brain, but that’s not the case. How do we know? Because if one of my ancestors 300,000 years ago is out on the central plains of Africa and he's hunting by himself, brain or no brain, he's prey to more things that can kill him, than he could kill. But if my ancestor is joined by his tribe, he goes from being prey, to being predator, not just any predator. He goes to be the top extinction level predator. The brain recognizes this “In my tribe I am safe.  On my own I am food.  I like tribes” . So for 300,000 years, the brain wide itself to support the notion of tribe. Evolutionary psychologists would say that we are wired for tribe, meaning that we're born with a whole bunch of pre-existing connections that predisposes us to tribalism. Even today not knowing our place in the tribe, or being socially excluded will result in Fight or Flight responses in a person exactly as if we are under physical threat.  

The brain is wired for tribes, which is why the vast majority of people have a preference to be a part of a work team. But work teams don’t always work. And few people understand that there is a systematic process for aligning the individuals to become a team.  If you needed to team rapidly, if you needed a team to push to become a High-performance team, if you had a high-value team such as a bid team, do you have a process to get these results.  Most just leave it up to chance.

What if there was a formula to repeatedly create effective teams? 

Our Rapid Teaming process creates an effective way to build on the strengths of all to successfully communicate and collaborate to deliver the required results.  This not only supports long term relationships between the contract partners but also enables them to perform at their best throughout the life of the project.